Sunday, May 24, 2009

Spring Time 2009 in East Tennessee

This is a picture of Norris Lake, near Norris, Tennessee. I was born and grew up in the town of Norris. We had a home in the woods, a very quiet and private place that my Father built for the family. We moved into this home when I turned seven years old. I spent many summers on Norris Lake. I learned to swim, canoe and water ski on the lake. I spent many quiet evenings sleeping on an outdoor porch at the Guyne's home, they were great family friends. We spent weeks on houseboats and I camped on this lake. One of my favorite memories is of skiing on the lake early in the morning when it was so quiet the water was like glass, unspeakable freedom.

Jim, Baba Juju and Sophia were together during the birth of her brother and our grandson, Nicholai Gabriel D'Elena. Nicky is a beautiful baby, he and his Mother are doing well. His Father, Gabriel, is fortunate to have a wonderful wife, a lovely daughter and a son.

Jim has been clearing land, digging up roots and building fences this spring. We now have a very nice garden right in the front yard. Every time I go out I can see what needs weeding. Convenient, and a great guilt generator. I have been weeding the flower beds in the front of the house this weekend. There aren't any weeds in the garden yet.

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Kim Kelley-Wagner said...

Great to hear what you are up too with an up date! Congrats on the new baby, and to the new parents!! Happy, happy!! Love to you, Kim